It’s Monday! What are you reading?

As inspired from Kathryn at The Book Date.

It’s the start of July, which means that we are about halfway through the year. I hate to admit that I’m no where near halfway through my reading challenge for the year. I could blame the lengthy tomes I’ve decided to read this year, but maybe I should just call it what it is — I have been reading far less in 2019. Reading is a solitary activity, and frankly, being alone in my head is not exactly where I want to be of late. I’d rather be outside, or with coworkers, or simply not reading. I don’t know what this might mean for future me, but right now, I’m playing it by ear.

Just Finished

Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore

Rising: Dispatches From the New American Shore – Elizabeth Rush

I just finished reading an eye opening book on sea-level rise in the US. After reading this series of essays and firsthand accounts, all from people living on the coast, I keep looking at the trees outside my window, thinking, “how much of this will be under water soon? how much of this used to be under water?” I don’t know the answer. I admit I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should to topography or the pace of commercial development. I just know that what used to be grassy marshes is now covered in businesses, and I wonder, “how long will this last?”

Recommended for those interested in environmental history, nonfiction essays, or deeply personal accounts with nature. I especially enjoyed Rush’s reflections on being a female science writer, which were deeply personal and necessary to bring to the table.

Up Next

Silent Patient cover

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

I admittedly have a rather long TBR list. I came home the last day of school and called it my pile of “light” reading. My roommate was unimpressed. Nevertheless, this book isn’t for school (unsurprising, given the subject matter). I promised to read this for my friend’s book club, which is…tomorrow. Oops! I’ve been far too engrossed with Rush’s book, finishing a reading bingo card, and soccer. I better get to it!

Aside from reading, I’m looking forward to finishing Tales of the City and visiting friends. I attempted to go hiking yesterday, but I was beaten down by the heat and general swampiness of the weather. It’s possible I “miss” winter.

So, what are you reading, internet? Let me know in the comments!