The #Friday56 and Book Beginnings

Happy Friday! Today, I’m joining in the #Friday56 hosted by Freda’s Voice and Book Beginnings hosted by Rose City Reader. Here we go!

Far From The Tree – Robin Benway

Grace has always known that she was adopted, and she’s always known that, when she’s ready, she can ask her parents about her bio-mom. When Grace chooses to give up her own baby Peach for adoption, she realizes the time has come to reach out to the woman who gave her up. Far From The Tree follows Grace as she reconnects with her bio-sister, Maya, and bio-brother, Joaquin. Together, they must decide what it means to be “family.”

Book Beginnings

Grace hadn’t really thought too much about homecoming. She knew that she’d go, though. She figured that she and her best friend, Janie, would get dressed together, get their hair done together. She knew that her mom would try to be cool about it and not get excited, but she’d make Grace’s dad charge the fancy, expensive camera — not the iPhone — and then Grace would take pictures with Max, her boyfriend of just over a year.


“Where’s our tablecloth?” Grace asked. “Do we even have one?”

“Not since your dad accidentally set it on fire last Thanksgiving.”

So far, I’m loving the personalities of each of the siblings and the journeys they’ve taken to find each other. Really looking forward to finishing it this weekend! Hope everyone has a good weekend & see you on Monday!