The #Friday56 and Book Beginnings — July 12

Happy Friday all! Today’s post will be dedicated to the #Friday56 as hosted by Freda’s Voice and Book Beginnings as hosted by Rose City Reader. Let’s get started!

Brightly Burning – Alexa Donne

Here’s what I know about Brightly Burning as of this post:

  • It is a retelling of Jane Eyre, set in space. Yes, the Rochester is a spaceship. Read that again.
  • “Jane” is Stella Ainsley, a new governess aboard the Rochester. She is an orphan from a somewhat well-off family, who cast her out.
  • She has a “hot” friend named George, who apparently doesn’t love her back.
  • Did I mention Jane Eyre in SPACE?

Book Beginnings

The gravity stabilizers were failing again.


“Last night I thought I heard someone laughing outside my room. Do you know what that might have been?”

What do you think? Do you think that this book will do justice to the gothic glory that is Jane Eyre, or am I in for severe disappointment?