The #Friday56 and Book Beginnings – July 26

Happy Friday all! Can you believe we’re almost to the end of July? Why does summer go by so fast? Today’s post will be all about the #Friday56 by Freda’s Voice and Book Beginnings by Rose City Reader. Let’s do this!

The 57 Bus – Dashka Slater

My first nonfiction book – woo! As I said on Monday, this year I’m making an effort to be a (participating) member of the school book club, and I’m starting with the first two books of the year — Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious and Dashka Slater’s The 57 Bus. One down, one to go!

57 bus book cover

The 57 Bus is a young adult nonfiction book; as such, the book addresses events that happened in 2013-2014 on the 57 bus in Oakland. This book has been a challenging read for me. I’m about halfway through, and I find that I have to stop to truly understand the events of that day. In the first two sections of the book, Dashka Slater works hard to show Sasha and Richard as people. Sasha is an agender, white, middle class teenager, who loves Russian lit and Tumblr; Richard is an African-American male, who is described by his friends as goofy and fun-loving. The two of them have never interacted, and yet on one “fateful” day, it all goes horribly wrong.

Book Beginnings

By four-thirty in the afternoon, the first mad rush of after-school passengers has come and gone. What’s left are stragglers and stay-laters, swiping their bus passes as they climb onto the 57 bus and take seats among the coming-home workers, the shoppers and errand-doers, the other students from high schools and middle schools around the city.

The #Friday56

In Homestuck, it’s called a moirail. A most important person. A soul mate, maybe, but not in the romantic sense. The fact that both of them identified as nonbinary wasn’t the reason they were together, it was just another thing they had in common.

So, dear readers, that is how the story begins — a bus ride, Tumblr postings, and an asexual/aromantic-style romance. What are some of your favorite YA nonfiction, true crime, or nonbinary tales? Let me know in the comments!