First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday – 7/30

I’ve been looking for memes to alternate blog posts, and I found this one hosted by I’d Rather Be At The Beach. Take a book that you’re planning to read (or several) and post the first paragraph of the first chapter. I’m currently in the middle of getting ready to go to the beach myself, but I thought I’d take a moment to give you a look into where my reading list is headed. Tomorrow, I’ll likely post a wrap up of my books for July.

Izzy & Tristan – Shannon Dunlap

Izzy & Tristan cover

This is not a novel. It’s a romance. A romance – Mrs. Dwyer taught us this in sophomore year English class, when I was still going to my old school — a romance is more like a fable. It traffics in ideals, mysteries, and obsessions. Grasp too hard at the characters in a romance, and they’ll float away from you, become abstract, drift in the direction of myth.

Of course, I’d pick a novel that doesn’t have actual chapters, but there you go! What do you think? Should I keep reading, or put it on the take-back-to-library pile?