Best of the Bunch – July Wrap Up

Hello, friends! Can you believe that it’s the end of July? July has been a hard month for me, so I’m glad to be looking ahead to August and possibly autumn. Yep, I just jinxed everyone with my looking ahead to sweater weather. You’re welcome.

History Is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera

I worked hard to finish this book before July ended. It was good enough to pull me away from playing Stardew Valley on repeat, so if nothing else, it was a good respite from farming-farming-farming-mines. (I assure you this is a book blog, not a ranting about gaming blog).

History Is All You Left Me is another heartbreaking novel from Silvera. Griffin, our protagonist, is dealing with the loss of his ex-boyfriend, Theo, who died in a tragic drowning accident. As Griffin seeks to cope with his loss and his growing OCD compulsions, he makes friends with the boy Theo left him for (Jackson) and reconnects with a friend that he’s essentially shut out throughout his grieving process (Wade).

I can bullet-point what I loved about this novel (it’ll be the same as the last Silvera novel I reviewed, oops!):

  • Representation! Theo is bisexual, and he talks about it so casually. I love it!
  • Mental health. Griffin has OCD. While I don’t agree with Theo’s treatment of Griffin’s compulsions, I do think that Griffin also comes to see how he needs to confront these compulsions more than simply “accept them as quirks that make him worth loving.”
  • How to cope with love, sex, and death. The book touches on each of these subjects, and as Griffin grows, it becomes obvious why this makes such a strong young adult novel. It deals with everything that young adults must eventually go through.

So, there you go friends, what was your best book of July?